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Over the years Ambassador have built up an extensive range of services. Our main ones include:

We also handle:

Confidential Waste Destruction

With the advent of the Data Protection Act, many companies now see this as a basic requirement. The Act states that companies have a legal obligation to both store, and dispose of securely, any data that can identify a living individual.

From hard copy destruction through to wiping hard drives itís all part of the service. We will of course be happy to liaise with a customers accounts/IT department to ensure all necessary criteria is met in the collection and disposal of this confidential data.

Pest Control

Whether it be general vermin or rarer pests, we have the expertise to determine the most appropriate solution to facilitate the safe removal of such. We also ensure that protected species are suitably relocated.

A report book is left on site and a full report is entered on conclusion of every service visit.

Window Cleaning

The general look of any office impacts not only on employees state of mind but also influences a visitors perception of a company.

Our staff are polite, efficient and follow a strict housekeeping code ensuring they leave your premises as they found them - only with cleaner windows!

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